Friday, December 26, 2008

On a better note... 10:56pm

Okay now that I had my say and I'm sure that it did no good other then my best friend and her sister to read let me say...

Our Christmas was a wonderful day. Wish I could have spent the whole day with my kids but in the end it was okay they were happy and wanted to go visit and spend time with their dads and if they were happy so was I. But all in all it was wonderful day now lets see if I can figure out how to post pictures

This is first sight of Christmas morning.

"Which one is mine!!!"



Cloths and more CLOTHS!!!!


Glory Glory the holidays are over at last (the mad me) 10:47

Okay so don't get me wrong I love Christmas but and that is a big BUT....
Working in retail you see the greed in all people. Customers push pull lie steal and who knows what else to get what they what. Then you have the store owners and operators who fire people two weeks before Christmas so they can still get their bouns. And you cant tell me that isn't the reason they do it. Now I hear that the only day we are closed.. which is Christmas they are thinking of opening because they want to get all the last minute shoppers who forgot poor Aunt Milly or forgot to get the green salad. GREED that is what this world has turned to and it makes me sick. Then there is the day after and that is even worse all those people who got all they wanted and STILL was not happy so they bring it all back. Even the stuff they bought at other stores or have already used or EATEN yes thats right I said EATEN. Or worse of all we have families bring back their kids cloths and toys they got from the angel tree. No they don't want to exchange it they want to returne it and get the money back... funny thing is I almost typed THEIR MONEY BACK what the hell was I thinking it not their money someone else spent the time and money and most of the time (and I'm not raciest) but they don't even speak english or they are the ones who buy prime rib, t-bone steaks and shrimp with their food stamps. WHAT THE HELL!!!! That is my flippen money my taxes, I can't even afford to buy food for my own family yet they take over 200 dollars in taxes and I'm sure close to 75% goes to welfare fund. FLIPPEN BULL POOP!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A couple of my favorite things... 10:16pm

Well I have a couple of favorite things

eating Peter Pan peanut butter,
eating Peter Pan peanut butter on a hershey bar,
eating Peter Pan peanut butter on a hershey bar and sharing it with Jordon and Pearl while watching a movie snuggling up on the couch.. sometimes life really can't be any more peaceful

Okay here we go 8:43pm

Well lets see what has happened,

Today I pretty much did nothing... I got up watched my nephews and did nothing. Working at walmart has totally changed my view on the holidays. Working in retail you see the greed of people. We had a giving tree at work and so far there has been three families that has brought all of there stuff back. HORRIBLE people have spent their time and money for them and they bring it back.

Lets see what else...

I was supposed to go to school today. I thought we were done for the season, oops!! I have totally lost my mojo for school. I am so far behind because I had to go back to work full time and when I go at night there is NO ONE there. Well the teacher is there and she is totally cool but my sisters are not there. I never realized how much I depend on them. If either of you read this I'm totally lost with out you both. And I applied for finanical aid and the lady was a total hag beast. So then I am even more flustered and not want to do anything.

Okay stop the boo hooing,

On a better note we are all healthy and for the most part happy. Christmas is coming I think we are mostly ready well as ready as we are going to be. So fa la la la la tis the season to be jolly oh christmas tree oh chrismas tree.

until next time