Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay here we go 8:43pm

Well lets see what has happened,

Today I pretty much did nothing... I got up watched my nephews and did nothing. Working at walmart has totally changed my view on the holidays. Working in retail you see the greed of people. We had a giving tree at work and so far there has been three families that has brought all of there stuff back. HORRIBLE people have spent their time and money for them and they bring it back.

Lets see what else...

I was supposed to go to school today. I thought we were done for the season, oops!! I have totally lost my mojo for school. I am so far behind because I had to go back to work full time and when I go at night there is NO ONE there. Well the teacher is there and she is totally cool but my sisters are not there. I never realized how much I depend on them. If either of you read this I'm totally lost with out you both. And I applied for finanical aid and the lady was a total hag beast. So then I am even more flustered and not want to do anything.

Okay stop the boo hooing,

On a better note we are all healthy and for the most part happy. Christmas is coming I think we are mostly ready well as ready as we are going to be. So fa la la la la tis the season to be jolly oh christmas tree oh chrismas tree.

until next time

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