Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm a loser I know... 9:47pm

So I have not been on to blog in forever I know I don't know what my problem is I'm just a loser blogger. I also got a new toy a zune and been playing with it. Putting music and books on it. I love to listen to books and music. Sometimes I can drift away to different places when I listen to my books. Right now I am listening to Inkdeath. It is a 3rd book in a series I'm pretty sure it is the last. Its a wonderful fantasy story. Those are my favorites. I should be reading them but I can listen and fold laundry, wash dishes, vacuum... ect,... ect... ect... Anyway still haven't gone back to the IRS. I was hoping they would call me back Monday but didn't happen. So probably next Monday. I have to work at Walmart tomorrow. I hate it there. I dread going to work whenever I have to go in. The few friends that I trust there only work at nights so I never see them or I just see them in passing miss you Debi, Reba. Well anyway until next time....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The new job.... 8:56am

BORING BORING BORING well the first day was totally boring. Well this is how the day started... I met with Emalee at Chevron, we went in and got drinks then drove over to go into IRS for the first time. The whole time I'm texting Emalee having a good time being scared out of my wits, then I notice I only have one bar on my phone. No biggie I will be with Emalee I wont need to text and I can just call or text Jason on lunch no worries right.... WRONG!!! Well I get to the guard and they make Emalee go a different way. So the guard looks and looks and looks and what my name is NOT on the list. So he gives my ID to the other security guard and she goes in the office to call. I pull over to the visitor parking and go in. She says "they said you denied the position" I asked her what does that mean. Well I cant go in and I have to call personnel. Of course they have no number or name to give me so now I'm stuck needing to get in and them not letting me in. So I called Emalee freaking out "They won't let me in they said that I denied the position". Well my wonderful best friend totally keeps her cool and says just go up to personnel and talk to them they will get it figured out. As I pull out of course the traffic is backed way up because all the new hires are trying to get in and there is road construction on the road so it is really backed up. I pick up my phone hoping that maybe just maybe I have a saved message on my phone where someone on personnel has called me. AH CRAP OLIE I only have one bar. So praying that I have enough battery and an old message on my phone I make the call to my voice messaging. THANK HEAVEN what was the first saved message on my phone... personnel telling me that they received my ACCEPTANCE letter and if I have any other questions to please feel free to call them back. I called and their computers are running slow so I'm waiting and waiting for them to pull up my information. Now don't forget I only have one bar left on my phone. Well finally after 10 minutes they find my information and there is no reason that I should not be in that office right now. But give them a few minutes and they can see what they can do to get me in. So finally after an hour of waiting and dreading that my phone will die I get let in. The good news I missed a hour of boring lecture. My heart is totally not broken over that. The bad news I have 7 more hours of lecture HAHAHA they say you didn't dodge that bullet. Well I lived through that get back to where we are going to be working only to find out that we will be losing our job next Wednesday. Yes they will call us back to work but not for 3 weeks, maybe 2 but probably 3. That totally sucks and then they tell me that the shift they gave us 4 pm to 12:30 am that, that was only for the first day that the shift is going to actually be 4:30 to 1 am yes I know it is only a half hour difference but still that is a half hour later.

OKAY OKAY enough of the gripes

Over all I think I will be totally happy there. We are allowed to wear what we want as long as it is not sexual. We can sit and work on soft chairs, we can arrange the desks to fit our needs. There is nice break rooms close by. With cheaper drinks then the gas station. And I will be able to work with my two most treasured most loved best friends Jason my husband and Emalee my bestest friend ever. So all in all I am way excited. Just a rough first day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today is the day.... 11:03am

Well today is, I am hoping the start of my grown up life. In other words I start my new job at the IRS. I am so excited but scared too. I am also sad because I have to work the evening shift when the kids will be out of school. So that really makes me sad. But the up side I will have every other weekend off and I plan on volunteering at their school so that will help.

How you know real friends from those who just say they are your friends.
Over this week I have learned a few things about friends. Friends are happy for you when they find out you are bettering yourself. Yes they will miss you because you will not be working with them all the time but they are happy for you non the less Thank you Debi, Reba and Brandon for being a TRUE FRIEND. The not true friends are jeoulous because you are bettering yourself and they are not in the same position. And they get mad and not speak to you because you have an early shift and they have a mid-shift. They also say things to try and defend themselves by making you feel like you are in the wrong when in fact you did nothing. Thank you VICKY for teaching me the difference between a real friend and people like you who are just saying they are friends.

INTERVIEWED!! I finally did it.... 11:02am

I was interviewed by My Kay sister

1~What is your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment is my three children. 12, 8, 1

2~Tell me one unique quality that feel each of your kids have.
Jordon is smart beyond all words but just does not know how to utilze it yet, Pearl is a chatter box and has a way to uplift everyone she comes in contact with, Sophee makes really silly faces and comes up with new ones everyday.

3~If you would go on a trip anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
I would go to Washington: Seattle, Forks, and all other beautiful areas around there. I have always wanted to go to Seattle every since I was a little girl. Then I look on the computer and see how really beautiful it is up there and I really want to go. I also love the rain. I could set for hours and watch and listen to the rain. It is beautiful.

4~What is the single most important thing to you?
My family I dont know what I would do with out any of them.

5~How many more kids do you plan on having?
We were thinking about adopting one more but that is debatable, some times I feel that I have another baby out there but then there are times that I feel our family is complete.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gonna do my interview... BUT... 10:00pm

K well I asked my bestest friend ever to do an interview and that I would post it today, but today was my babies birthday... okay okay so he isn't quite my baby any more he is 12 HOLY CRAP OLIE my baby is 12. I got some pictures but its late so I will do another post tomorrow with his birthday pictures and a really neat story. And my interview cuz I get off early tomorrow 330 WAHOO RIGHT ON. Not going to get anymore of those after next week. Better enjoy it. So any way have a wonderous night all

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't really know how to feel... 9:04pm

Well there is the world news.. Our new President. How cool can that be. I'm hoping for a whole new out look on how thing are done and how things are run. I hope that he stands by what he says he will do and make a change. To me he seems to have a... I don't know how to put it an ora about him a peace about him. I think he will do good for us. I pray he will do good for us.

Now my news!!
I GOT A NEW JOB!!! I GOT A NEW JOB!!! I GOT A NEW JOB!!! I was hired on at the IRS. Yes it is seasonal but it is a foot in the door and it is a federal job..GO ME GO MEAnd to make it even better...
K this is one of my MOST favorite pictures ever. In this picture it is, yes me and MY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD. My Kay sister. The other half of my brain.

I get to work everyday with her. Yep that is right she got the same job I did. I don't know how it works over there I'm hoping that we will be on the same team.. or what ever it is over there. I am so excited plus to make it even better I get a $2 raise and since we are working the crap shift (4pm to 12:30am) we get paid 10% more an hour from 6pm to 12:30am. WAHOO so excited.

Now the down side.. I have to work the crap shift. UUUGGG I worry about not being here for the kids when they get home from school. But I will have the weekends off so that is good but UUGG crap shift. And the other down side it is seasonal work. There for I am going to stay at walmart for a least 2 days a week. So I can keep my job and on the off season at IRS I will have a job to fall back on. Those days are really going to stink. Very long days. But there is also an up note to that if I kick butt at my job they will ask me back. And since I am now employed there it will be easier for me to get other jobs there. As soon as my probation time is over I'm going to start applying for permanent positions. So maybe thing will start looking up.

Now on a personal note..
Last night I really had a hard time sleeping. I talked to Emalee about it today... When ever I read her blog it almost rips my heart out, every time I drive to work at one certain time on the road, it rips my heart out. And last night I realized why. Now I totally understand that it is nothing compared to what she is feeling and by no means do I want to try and take that feeling away from her or to try and say I know how she feels because I have no clue. But I miss Kenner. For the short time he was here that little part of my heart attached to him. And now that he is not here that little part of my heart is left missing him. I was there to see his birth to see his little heart beat and to see the angels take him away. I will always love him and he will always be in my heart.
In loving memory Kenner Jackson Rausch November 13, 2008.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why do kids not come with directions??? 9:06pm

My son is going to be 12 on the 26th of this month. And he will be lucky to reach 12!!! AAARRRGGG!!! He has gotten into this really bad habit of lying and lying about everything stupid little things that mean nothing he lies about. He got busted with his phone he says he didn't take it to school but he has lied to me so much that I don't know if I can believe him. So what to do what to do? Give him this last chance? Tell him that I don't believe him and that I never will? No I can't do that. I want to believe him so what to do what to do?