Monday, January 12, 2009

Peanuts, Amp and flowers... the love of a man. 8:43pm

Wierd combo, ya I know. Yesterday I was having kind of a rough day I don't know why just was. I really think we need a vacation. But anyway it was my dad's birthday and my mom wanted to order pizza. So we went over and when we got there Jason said that he was going to go get drinks. We waited and waited and waited. The pizza guy even showed up before he got back. Well we started eating and still no Jason. So finally I called to find out where the heck he was I was starting to get worried. He said he was in the drive way. When he came in he had peanuts, an amp and flowers. Of course if made me cry.

Funny story about the peanuts.. my parents always have mixed nuts setting out on the counter. Well when we got to their house I went to go get some almonds (my favorite, and they are the ones that always get left) well even those were picked out. So I had said "you guys are even out of nuts" well there it is a man who picked up on those little off notes. You know the ones that usually mean nothing but when they pick up on it, it melts your heart and you fall head of heals in love with them again. When he gave them to me I asked why the nuts and he said "well you said they were out of nuts". Yes ladies they are out there "THE GOOD ONES" that is. Sometimes you have to dig through a heap of trash but in there is that diamond ring that someone else threw in. And guess what I was the lucky one to find it. Any way enough of the sappy stuff.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT.... (words of wisdom from a mother)
When you start to let your little one learn to eat on their own. First dont let your husbands plan the menu and second dont let it be spagitti that they eat. Hahaha gotta love it!!!

That one is a little blurry but do you think she is enjoying it. I would have to say yes. Stupid cameras all the really cute smilly ones came out blurry.



E and K Rausch said...

and those time make you wonder why you even think about those other times you know!!! i Love you

gramee said...

even the times they burp and fart too!