Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So cool... 10:16pm

Socks are my favorite thing right now. At my store they have these cool gift socks and since they were holiday socks (BUT they have no Christmas on them at all) they clearanced them. So now I have like 20 pair of cool socks SO FUN.. K here are my sexy socks for today... See look no Christmas trees, no holly berries NO SANTA'S. Just totally cool socks. And these are the really cool ones that are long and go to your knees. The other ones I got are just as cool but they are not as long they go up over my ankles.. but that is alright they are still just as cool these ones are just a smig cooler.
Well enough for tonight I have dishes to do.. I was hoping my hubby would do them but guess not.

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gramee said...

i am commenting up here about a post...down there...
i cried when you said you withdrew from school..
i am so sad about that i know how much that means to you. i wish you could do it all..
sorry i love you..

and..the socks are cool!!
i do miss you!