Monday, January 5, 2009

Something else I learned to do today (well I learned it awhile ago but ya know I'm slow to the punch)... 6:26pm

So we have had this digital camera for as long as I have known my husband. It is far from new or it is not the most high tech camera out there but the darn thing works pretty good. OKAY on to what I have finally learned. ARE YOU READY..... I can take pictures and then put them on the computer... INSTANTLY!!! How flippen cool is that and I can send them in to good ol wally world and have them printed.... INSTANTLY!!! I think I already knew that but it just hit me that I could do this.. Check it out I just took these of the kids building with the blocks and Godzilla baby tearing them apart...

Maybe I'm a dork but at least I'm proud of myself!!!

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E and K Rausch said...

i LOVE it when you figure things out, you are too cute and I am proud of you! yea for learning new things and figuring out your blog!!!!