Monday, February 2, 2009

Today is the day.... 11:03am

Well today is, I am hoping the start of my grown up life. In other words I start my new job at the IRS. I am so excited but scared too. I am also sad because I have to work the evening shift when the kids will be out of school. So that really makes me sad. But the up side I will have every other weekend off and I plan on volunteering at their school so that will help.

How you know real friends from those who just say they are your friends.
Over this week I have learned a few things about friends. Friends are happy for you when they find out you are bettering yourself. Yes they will miss you because you will not be working with them all the time but they are happy for you non the less Thank you Debi, Reba and Brandon for being a TRUE FRIEND. The not true friends are jeoulous because you are bettering yourself and they are not in the same position. And they get mad and not speak to you because you have an early shift and they have a mid-shift. They also say things to try and defend themselves by making you feel like you are in the wrong when in fact you did nothing. Thank you VICKY for teaching me the difference between a real friend and people like you who are just saying they are friends.

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